A letter to parents of dyslexic kids

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This last week was a rough, low, week for me - how about you?  

It got me thinking about the extra load we parents of differently wired kids face and inspired me to write this letter to you.

Dear Mums and Dads of differently wired kids,

Thank you.

I see the love and effort you give every day to support your kids, even on the hardest days.

I see you be patient and loving when it is time for homework in the evening after a long day at work.

I see you be frustrated and cranky some days too. That’s OK! We are all right there with you.

I see you be fierce and strong in your advocacy for them within systems that sometimes seem designed to break them.

I see your resilience, getting them up and out the door each day when they feel down.

I see your masked hurt when other parents brag about A grades and certificates of achievement.

I see you doing more research than an FBI agent to understand your kid, to work out the best way to help them.

I see you carry the financial burden of tutors, reading programs and assessments.

I see your beautiful, creative, talented, unique kid who may never have won anything at school, who might get C’s and D’s, who may fear they are stupid.

I see you know the beauty and potential in your kids where others tell you there is none.

I see you carry their dreams and hopes even if they have lost sight of what is possible.

We all have rough days and tough days, and I don’t think I can do this anymore days. 

But we do.

Because tomorrow is always a new day and our kids are worth it - every single time.

Thank you for the love and support you give your kids to help bring their unique gifts to the world.

Next time you have a rough and tough day, remember to be kind to yourself. There is no one right way to navigate this journey.

What helped flip my rough and tough week? 


A quiet cup of tea and my journal.  A long list of everything that I had to be grateful for in the week. Small things like hugs from my kids, the humour in the teenage snarking, the beautiful little drawings our youngest does, my new comfy pillow and time to catch up with friends. 

 Our youngest presented me with a tiny wise drawing during the week. I asked her if I could share it with you all, she said yes,  so here it is:

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With gratitude to you and our beautiful, wise children.


Go. Thrive. Succeed.

Gillian MitchellComment