What keeps you awake?

I helped my severely dyslexic son to read and write.  I thought we had slayed the demons and broken through to success. 

My son had other ideas - as he grew into a teenager his favourite phase became “I’m just not bothered”.

I found myself awake at night worrying – what the heck is this kid going to do with his life?

Find out the number one thing we did that changed the story …

Even though he had made amazing strides forward, years of struggle at school had eroded his self worth – he could not see any future for himself.  I was struggling to see beyond the thunderstorm that constantly surrounded him.

Let’s face it …

Success at school is seen as the main doorway to success in the future. 

And most kids sit easily under this powerful spotlight that illuminates their successes. They are rewarded for all their effort. Let’s call these kids “The 85”. 

Then there are the other kids. The ones that experience little reward no matter how hard they try. Let’s call them “The 15”.

Our son is a member of the “The 15”.  The kids in the shadows.  

He feared the spotlight – tried to stay out of it. All it did was illuminate his difference and failures.  He could see the door to success but had it constantly slammed in his face.

The idea of going to school became a daily reminder that he needed to fix himself so he could step into the spotlight with The 85.

We wanted our son to WANT to go to school. We wanted him to learn, stretch, and grow into the person we knew he could be.

The thing is …

The problems not the spotlight. It’s that there is only one spotlight. We needed our son to find his own spotlight – at school and in his life.

We had been banging on this door in desperation for years.  We needed something to change.

And that’s when we discovered a new way.

Stop trying to kick down that door to join “The 85”.  Together, we found a way to build a door of his own.

He is a new man – at school and at home.

So, let’s go build a new door for your child together!

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