Your child will never be normal !!!


Have you ever sat in a meeting at school, speechless, as a teacher describes your child to you? 

The corker we once received was: “You just have to accept your son may never be normal.”

 That made “lazy” and “daydreamer” seem like compliments.


Watch below to find out how a painful meeting at school lead to one of our most important realisations

I’m sure you know that uncomfortable feeling of squashing your outrage as you try to remain civil.

 I’m not here to teacher bash.  I love teachers and for the most part our children have been blessed with fantastic, innovative teachers who care deeply for our kids wellbeing.

The school system can be tricky for kids and teachers alike.

More importantly - that painful meeting highlighted a real disconnect between the child she thought she was teaching and the child I knew he was. Who was this child she was describing?

We needed those people around him to see him as the person we saw – an engaged child who loved to learn new things; who could be funny, loving, kind and creative.

A child who we knew could achieve lots if just given the chance. The reality was - the message he was getting every day at school wasn’t super positive, despite the best of intentions.

Was it any wonder that, when I’d say, ‘you did great’ in response to some assignment, he’d say ‘You have to say that. You’re my mother.”


That’s when I began to understand that – while everyone might have an opinion on who they thought my son was, the most important opinion was who he thought he was.

Our child’s success in life will not be limited by who his teachers think he is. 

 As his parents, we know our child so much better. We see the whole child, with so many other attributes that are not necessarily valued or showcased at school. 

 But in the end – our most important realisation was - the only opinion that really matters is hiswho does our child think HE is.


That is where we needed to shift our attention. 

 This realisation changed everything – YOU ARE WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE.


Who does your child think they are?


We have found it helpful to reflect on this insight - To help you, we’ve attached a downloadable reflections worksheet for you to use if you’d like to explore what disconnect might exist for your child. You can download it and print it out or use it as a prompt for your journal.

What do you think? Does this disconnect exist for your child? I’d love to hear your thoughts - comment below or send me an email. I reply to every single message.