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We’re Gillian and Sarah from Thrive52.

We are the parents of three fabulous dyslexic children, one in primary school and two in high school.

Like most parents, at the start of our journey, we had no idea what having kids with dyslexia meant. We can’t say who hit the wall harder, our kids or us, in those first few years at school. Let’s just say, in the beginning we all felt like we were being crushed under a proverbial train wreck.

We had to find a way forward.

So we read every book and article we could find. Listened to anyone and everyone looking for clues as to how to best help our kids learn to read. We spent so much time at school advocating for them, we’re surprised we didn’t get our own office there. Our kids got the extra support they needed and became the first dyslexic kids in their school to use assistive technology in the classroom.

We got right into understanding the process of learning to read and even wrote a book about this, and our son's journey, in the hope of helping others with dyslexic kids understand how complex it is and how they can help - check it out on Amazon:

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We had met the challenge head on and won. Our kids’ reading levels were improving with every year.

And then our son, who has severe dyslexia, reached high school and things started to spiral out of control again. What was going on? We found ourselves catapulted back to square one of a whole new journey. We were facing a whole other side of dyslexia we hadn’t tackled and no one had warned us about.

It was clear to us that we needed to look at this from another angle. We needed to step outside all the usual advice given. Which is exactly what we did. And what we discovered really worked, transforming our son’s view of himself and his future, from feelings of negativity and worthlessness to feelings of optimism that many things are possible.

This is why we started Thrive52. We wanted to share our insights into how dyslexic children can thrive in life and reach their highest potential.

Using our unique mix of skills as academics, entrepreneurs, small business owners and authors, we study what makes people the best at what they do and how these insights can be applied to our own kids.

Our journey has led us to developing the Breakout Method which empowers parents to create a success experience that will move their kids onto the pathway to achieving their highest potential.

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We also operate Thrive 52 Publishing.

We are the authors of “Thrive With Dyslexia - Everything You Need to Know About Learning to Read”.

Continuing our dedication to helping our children improve their reading, we are also writing ‘high interest-low reading age’ books targeted at young adults. The first book “FREAK” in our futuristic thriller young adult series “Manticore Rising”, will be released soon, with many to follow.

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